Art has been an important part of my life since I was a toddler. One of my earliest memories was being pushed through New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art in a stroller. My parents filled my childhood Sundays with trips to art galleries, museums and exhibitions throughout New York City. I spent countless hours watching my father painting at his easel. So at a very young age, I understood the joy that artistic expression can bring.

I was fortunate that while I was in school, my parents also provided me with instruction in fine arts. Later I attended the Parsons School of Design, where I received a degree in Interior Decoration as well as in the History of Design Periods.

Still later, while raising my four children, I recognized that while I adored painting, I needed to prepare for a professional career. So I chose the field of enhancing literacy. However, my dream always has been that one day, I would be able to paint full time.

That dream is not yet a reality. However, I did begin spending my scarce free time enjoying the relaxation and freedom that painting brought to me. I especially loved painting with acrylic paint. The decision to incorporate glass into my paintings evolved gradually. I always have adored brilliant, shimmering glass in any form, from formal pieces to broken shards.

I was so delighted with the first work I created using both acrylic paint and glass that I was soon combining the two on a regular basis. I painted whenever I could. After each day spent teaching, shuttling my kids to all of their activities, helping them with their homework after dinner, and finally putting them to bed, I painted.

I painted during holiday breaks, but mostly on weekends. I quickly found that the more I painted, the more peaceful and productive I felt. I'm so grateful that painting is now an integral part of my life.

Photo credit: Heidi Green Photography

Creating art is one of my greatest joys
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